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Dwell, Dwelt - Phoebe Ridgway

Dwell, Dwelt - who goes there? 

Reversing to the source 

                 So it can be full again. 


Ramp and sink 

Falling earthward forever g  


Speckled replica's of foregoing instances Score the passage with their timely appearances 


Not to be forgotten. 


Once reached               we melt

Knitted and weaved               united we 

Hold hands with fossil and virgin 

A Braid - Phoebe Ridgway

Heading 1

Pick up drop down 

Braided.                  Time flows 

into shallow interconnected channels 

Divided and deposited               to be collected


Echoes of bygone times

Mark out the route to follow

Signals                               delivering communication

from former days pulse bright but brief 

along the way 

A joining happens                    celebrated 

Honouring togetherness 

After all, who wants to be alone? 

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